Croon ring gold, 24 carats



Art is like jewellery.

Everyone has their own experience. These rings have a characteristic shape, but can also be called abstract. Which shape do you recognize?

The use of large machines gives the material a robust appearance in contrast to the elegant design. The combination of these two factors makes the TWEEK!

Ring material: 24K gold plated, metal brass
Material thickness: 30 mm
Warranty: 1 year
processing: polished, rough structure

What is your size?
With a tape measure or a piece of string you can measure the circumference of your finger.
If the finger circumference is 56.5 mm then size 16.5 is suitable for you.

Available in the following sizes:
16.5 / 56.5 cm
17.0 / 57 cm
17.5 / 57.5 cm
18, 0/58 cm
18.5 / 58.5 cm
19.0 / 59 cm