Olong egg




Tweek loves to experiment! They show this in the new PRESSED collection. When creating these earrings, they literally squeeze residual materials together. This creates an organic and unique shape in the earrings.

Material: brass, stainless steel
Ear stud: silver
Dimensions: (lxwxh) 45 x 7 x 1mm
Warranty: 1 year
weight: 5 grams
processing: pressed pattern

Supplied in a jewelery box.

* The entire collection is completely handmade in the Netherlands.

Tweek uses the materials: brass, copper and steel. Furthermore, the products are finished with a special coating to prevent oxidation.
However, these metals take on a life of their own, which gives the earrings a unique character.
If you want to return them to their old state, please email us at info@tweek-eek.com.

Please note: this is not possible with all materials.