45 degree tree trunk table


Art.nr. 2337
200 x 80 x 75 cm

Available on backorder


The batch of old oak slabs come from an old barn. Around ten years ago, the new owner of the barn wanted to do something with the space and wanted to get rid of all the wood that had been lying there for who knows how long. The oak is discoloured, stony, cracked and is almost impossible to work with. We used it to make the old oak tile cabinets, several 45-degree coffee tables, some other objects and now also two 45-degree desks. The scars of the steel that was cut from the trunk before the tree was sliced are visible in the sheets. One of the tables still has a plank attached that was nailed there to stop it splitting. We have done very little to the wood itself. Just by sawing at an angle of 45-degrees, gluing and reinforcing, we have been able to make the desks. It’s all about the wood.

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