40 x 40 cube series


Art.nr. 3890-77B / Art.nr. 3890-77D
48 x 48 x 48 cm



The waste project arose more than ten years ago out of annoyance at the disposal of material because it was too expensive to do anything with it. Not because it was worthless, but because labor is so precious. The game of turning everyday reality around and pretending that labor costs nothing and material is worth gold, yielded products that are in theory unsaleable (because labor is not free at all), but turned out the products are very marketable. In contrast to almost any conceivable product, waste products are made with angelic patience and this at a time when time is just about the scarce commodity for everyone.

But this process also creates residual material, which is even smaller and more difficult to process than our “normal” residual material.
This waste of waste prompted us to take it a step further.
In order to keep the process in check, I devised, elaborating on the metal waste products, to use a fixed size of 40 × 40 mm. This size, in combination with the choice to use the material only as skin instead of stacking it, is extremely decisive for the appearance of the products. Straight shapes are created that are always a multiple of 40 mm.

As with the beams and tubular furniture, the objects are numbered consecutively and no one will be identical.

The two tables you see below are the last ones left from a series of 7 pieces and can now be seen in our showroom.

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